17 Jan 2020

Revealed: the proposed global plan for nature that could save the planet

This October, world leaders will meet in China to discuss a new set of biodiversity targets that will decide the fate of nature on this planet. A first draft of the targets was released this week: here's everything you need to know about this critical turning point for conservation.
13 Jan 2020

How our network of vital bird habitats is expanding to include all wildlife

The rock-solid criteria we use to identify Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) is now being used as the foundation for Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) a new standard in site-based conservation which expands the concept beyond birds to all life on our planet.
10 Jan 2020

Critically Endangered antwren receives its first protected area in Brazil

In October 2019, the Marsh Antwren was given its first ever protected area in the town of Guararema, Brazil. This tiny, Critically Endangered antbird lives in isolated populations on marshland just 50km from So Paulo, the largest city in South America.
08 Jan 2020

Bushfires update: a message from BirdLife Australia

The recent news of devastating wildfires sweeping across Australia has been hard to ignore. Samantha Vine, Head of Conservation for BirdLife Australia, provides an update of the situation so far, and the urgent actions needed to help Australias birds and habitats to survive.
07 Jan 2020

New study: conservation action has reduced bird extinction rates by 40%

Weve all heard of species brought back from the brink of extinction, but have you ever wondered how impactful conservation actually is? A new study shows that global conservation action has reduced the effective extinction rate of birds by an astonishing 40%. But is it all good news?

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White-rumped Sharma © Big boys and young girls Shutterstock
03 Jan 2020

A world first: Six Madagascar Pond-herons fitted with GPS trackers

In late 2019, a team of scientists and conservationists undertook a mission to capture and fit tracking equipment to Madagascar Pond-herons. This ongoing study is building upon the knowledge of the species and will aid its conservation.
19 Dec 2019

Childrens education programme finds inventive solutions to protect birds

Anyone whos ever doubted the point of childrens nature education only has to look at Spring Alive. This year, we havent just helped to run fun activities weve helped our community to restore habitats and share innovative new ideas to make the world safer for nature and people.
18 Dec 2019

Bringing the rice bird back to Hong Kong

The Yellow-breasted Bunting used to flock in its thousands across Asias paddy fields. Now, due to hunting and changes in farming practices, it is Critically Endangered. A new project is bringing rice paddies back to Hong Kong, along with the birds that depend on them.
18 Dec 2019

Explore the latest threatened bird habitats we cant afford to lose

Our list of Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas in Danger is so much more than a number. Each year we update this list and produce a Story Map, enabling you to immerse yourself in the unique tales of some of these areas. Find out what has happened to last years spotlight IBAs in Danger and discover new incredible but imperilled habitats in our latest instalment.
18 Dec 2019

Living with albatrosses: Bird Island human stars- Part one

If you have been following along with #AlbatrossStories and watching the nest cams of Greta, you will have seen the extreme changeability of sub-Antarctic weather. We spoke with Alex Dodds, of British Antarctic Survey, living and working on Bird Island, to get her story about living with albatross.

Taking the pulse of the planet

18 Dec 2019

Making Japans expanding renewable energy sector bird-safe

Like many countries, Japan is making great strides in renewable energy but at what cost? BirdLife supports sustainable energy sources but its important to locate structures like wind farms out of harms way. Read how our Japanese Partner is using science and advocacy to change national decisions.
17 Dec 2019

Meet the river guardians watching over Indian Skimmers besieged nests

In India, an innovative community conservation experiment is helping to safeguard the globally threatened Indian Skimmers nesting colonies from free-ranging dogs and trampling cattle.
16 Dec 2019

A new action plan to keep the Straw-headed Bulbul singing

Captured from the wild for its beautiful voice, the Straw-headed Bulbul is now Critically Endangered. But at its final stronghold in Singapore, a new collaboration between NGOs, governments and businesses could help it to stage a comeback.
13 Dec 2019

7 things you might have missed from the 2019 Red List update

Every year, our scientists work around the clock to update the threat status of birds on the IUCN Red List of threatened species. While the amazing recovery of the Guam Rail might have taken centre stage, 2019 heralded plenty more important discoveries. From victims of climate change to exciting new information on unknown birds, here are the latest ups and downs of the avian world that might not have made the headlines.
13 Dec 2019

New nature education resource for visually impaired children

Following in the footsteps of our children's education programme Spring Alive, BirdLife Partners across Europe are uniting to launch a new EU-funded environmental educational project, "Seeing the World through Nature", to benefit blind and visually impaired school pupils.

Red List appeal: help us continue to identify which birds most need our help

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